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Real Testimonials From New Jersey Rolfing Clients

I had an advanced yoga practice, but my sacrum would painfully go out. A chiropractor would knock it back each week and tell me to quit yoga. When I went to DIANE, she stabilized my sacrum so that I could continue my yoga practice pain free. Years later I was in excruciating pain with advancing nerve damage and partial paralysis of my right leg after receiving bad advice from a physical therapist. I was told by a reputable physiatrist that I would be in a wheel chair if I did not have surgery. Instead DIANE’s Rolfing brought me back to full recovery without surgery. Finally, despite extreme scoliosis, I am able to live a pain free very active life at age 79, thanks to DIANE’s Rolfing skill.

It took 8 years of advice from a masseuse that my apparently intractable pain would benefit from Diane’s Rolfing. Better late than never that I finally took her advice. It was life-changing.

I have daily gratitude to be pain free, something that anyone who has endured radical or unremitting pain should be able to relate to. Further, I feel strong and am able to be very active at age 79, after facing the prospect of permanent disability. All of this I attribute to DIANE’s Rolfing skill.

1. Go to DIANE to try Rolfing immediately.
2. Ditto
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Linda de N.

I have had chronic back & neck pain issues as well as tinnitus.

I heard about Diane’s practice and the success patients were having with her Rolfing. Diane is incredibly gentle and effective. And exceptional at seeing where problems lie systemically and addressing them.

I always feel better after receiving a treatment from Diane. A great relief from chronic pain and a good reminder to pay more attention to my body and be proactive about care.

1. Get treatment from Diane K ASAP. 2. Don’t suffer in pain when you are able to get help. 3. Maintenance is good protocol- this kind is self care goes a long way in feeling healthy.

Susan K

Over 20 years ago Diane reached out to me to offer me Rolfing as she was just starting out and I was a local, established massage therapist. Her work, even when she was just starting out, was awesome!
I’ve been seeing her on & off all these years through many injuries and issues: shoulder, hand, lowback etc… My lowback injury was waking me up ever night for weeks on end. I credit Diane with correcting my hip/sacral misalignment dysfunction and saving me from a steroid injection and relieving my pain.
I’ve referred many clients to her over the years!

Gail K.

Before Rolfing with Diane, my back, shoulders and neck felt unaligned and I always had a painful pulling feeling. Because of this I had a lot of tension in my back and neck.

A massage therapist suggested I go to Diane because massages were not helping me with my tension and pain.

Prior to the Rolfing, I felt insecure and lacked the confidence I needed to exercise and do certain activities. I felt like every activity I would do would hurt my back. Now my body feels strong and aligned and I am not afraid to exercise.

I would have stated Rolfing much earlier in my rehab journey.
To take your health care into your own hands and research the benefits of Rolfing.
To not worry because worry causes tension in your back and starts a cycle of pain, worry, more pain, more worry. Rolfing breaks that cycle and brings your body and mind back into a healthy, pain-free balance.

After many injuries as a child, I have had chronic back pain all my life. I have tried many different therapies, but Diane’s
Rolfing has enabled me to live a pain free active life.

Deanna VH

I was leaning to the left.

My chiropractor said it would help me.

I feel like I can stand straighter.

1. The leaning could be fixed.
2. I could get rid of the lift on my left shoe.
3. Rolfing is gentle and will help.

I have scoliosis and I always stand a little straighter after Diane works on me. After spinal fusion surgery, my left leg was shorter and I wore a lift on the sole of my left shoe. After many sessions with Diane, I now wear regular shoes and no lift! Thank you, Diane. I am very grateful for your skills.

Sharon O.

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